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Harding (glharding AT global DOT co DOT za) wrote:
: I have the installed. The FAQ says that because of the new
: directory structure since v2.8.0 this problem may occur, but doesn't say how
: to fix it?

You need to read section 6.5 more carefully. Last paragraph:

"Beginning with version 2.8.0 of GCC, the place where the pre-processor, cpp.exe, and the C and
C++ compilers, cc1.exe and cc1plus.exe, are installed, has changed: they are no more in the
same directory as gcc.exe itself. If you are using GCC version 2.8.0 or later, and the compiler
cannot find cpp.exe or cc1plus.exe, read the installation instructions carefully: the file
problems.txt explains how to change the settings on DJGPP.ENV so that GCC will find the
pre-processor. Also, be sure to remove all traces of the previous compiler installation, since mixing
different compiler versions can be another cause for such problems. See uninstalling a package. "

Then follow the link to section 4.7 How to uninstall a DJGPP package.



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