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Subject: Re: porting <dir.h> etc. to msvc
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On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Thomas Harte wrote:

> Matthew Smith wrote in message <8qtjsd$78b$1 AT news5 DOT svr DOT pol DOT co DOT uk>...
> >as my msvc is working (with allegro 3.9.33) but my new djgpp is not. . . :(
> >has anyone adapted the file system from djgpp to work with msvc 4.2?
> Do you mean the opendir/readdir/closedir POSIX routines? If so, mingw32
> comes with a library containing them

I would imagine that MSVC itself provides opendir/readdir/closedir.
Even Borland does.  Just look closer in the docs, or just try to link
a simple test program.

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