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Kenneth A. Strom <therelic AT netzero DOT net> wrote in message
news:39CCF175 DOT 275438D7 AT netzero DOT net...
> Would it be better to strstr for = and then extract from the position
> of  = + 1 into another string and then atoi?  Does atoi handle
> whitespace?

there are several ways to do it. you might want to play with this
quick and dirty little example:

-------------   snip  -------------

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <strings.h>

int main()
  char *ini[] =  { "Capture = 1234",
                   "Capture = 0",
                   "Capture = fubar",
  char *ptr;
  int num;
  int  i;

  for (i=0; ini[i]; i++) {
    printf("the string is \"%s\"\n", ini[i]);
    if (sscanf(ini[i], "%*s = %d", &num) == 1) {
      printf("sscanf num = %d\n", num);
    else {
      printf("sscanf failed\n");

    ptr = strchr(ini[i], '=');
    if (ptr) {
      num = atoi(ptr+1);
      printf("atoi num = %d\n", num);
  return 0;

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