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> From: Damian Yerrick <Bullcr_pd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comRemoveBullcr_p>
> Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
> >One possibility is that you have created MyLib.a on Windows NT using
> >some non-DJGPP program.  Since MyLib.a uses a mixed-case file name, it
> >might be that to DOS programs it is presented as mylib~1.a or
> >something.
> At least on my Windows 98 system, mixed-case filenames don't get a
> numeric tail unless they're longer than 8.3 characters or contain
> non-DOS characters.

AFAIR, the OP's platform was NT.  You'd be surprised what tricks NT
can pull with file names it presents to DOS programs.  Some files
don't have short 8+3 names at all(!!), and so cannot be accessed by
DJGPP programs.

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