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From: Damian Yerrick <Bullcr_pd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comRemoveBullcr_p>
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Subject: Re: Repost: free() DOESN´T return memory to the system
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On Sat, 23 Sep 2000 15:47:22 -0400 (EDT), Eli Zaretskii
<eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:

>> From: Damian Yerrick <Bullcr_pd_yerrick AT hotmail DOT comRemoveBullcr_p>
>> Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
>> >Memory that is freed can be reused by your program (through
>> >malloc, calloc or realloc). Because it isn't returned to the
>> >DPMI server it can't be reused by a _different_ program,
>> True...
>> >but that's rarely a problem.
>> Unless your program calls spawn() or system() that is...
>No, it shouldn't be a problem even if `spawn*' functions _are_
>called.  The DPMI server is expected to page the parent program out of
>memory to accomodate the allocations required by the child program.
>This actually works, unless the child program uses raw XMS or similar
>calls to ask for extended memory, and even then only under certain
>memory managers

Or unless the program runs out of virtual memory (as has happened
to me several times on my old box with a tiny HD using CWSDPMI's
uncompressed swap file).

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