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"Stephen" <stickman2000 AT my-deja DOT com> wrote in message
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> Hello!
> I am having problems compiling my program, which to be used on a computer
> with no math co-processor. I used the -msoft-float command line option,
but I
> get errors that I cannot find the answer to. Here is a example:

This option doesn't work for djgpp because no one has made the neccessary
lib for it to work. However, you don't really need it because djgpp comes
with a FPU emulator that is dynamically loaded on machines that need it. In
order for it to work you must place the file emu387.dxe either in the same
directory as the exe or in a directory in the PATH variable. The file
emu387.dxe should be in your djgpp\bin directory. All you need to do is
supply a copy of that file with your program and it will be loaded on
machines that need it.

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