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Subject: Having problems with gcc '-msoft-float' using DJGPP
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 21:01:44 GMT
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I am having problems compiling my program, which to be used on a computer
with no math co-processor. I used the -msoft-float command line option, but I
get errors that I cannot find the answer to. Here is a example:

gcc -DLIBDIR=\"../lib/\" -Wall -O2 -m486 -msoft-float -o obj/calc.o -c calc.c
gcc -s -o main.exe obj/calc.o [more obj files] -lalleg
obj/calc.o(.text+0x682):calc.c: undefined reference to `__ltdf2'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x69e):calc.c: undefined reference to `__nedf2'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x6f1):calc.c: undefined reference to `__muldf3'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x705):calc.c: undefined reference to `__floatsidf'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x728):calc.c: undefined reference to `__ltdf2'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x744):calc.c: undefined reference to `__eqdf2'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x842):calc.c: undefined reference to `__muldf3'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x8c0):calc.c: undefined reference to `__eqdf2'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x8eb):calc.c: undefined reference to `__divdf3'
obj/calc.o(.text+0x9ef):calc.c: undefined reference to `__adddf3'
obj/calc.o(.text+0xa5a):calc.c: undefined reference to `__subdf3'
obj/calc.o(.text+0xb9b):calc.c: undefined reference to `__eqdf2'
[more errors similar to these]

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Please do not email me at stickman2000 AT my-deja DOT com

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