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> From: Martin Str|mberg <ams AT father DOT ludd DOT luth DOT se>
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> Date: 16 Sep 2000 13:09:15 GMT
> : b) Some advice on what I need to make/remake, and what I could break if i get it wrong.
> Get v2/ and unzip it. Read the readme file(s). Make sure
> you have all the necessary tools. Go down into src and type "make". If
> on WINDOZE repeat last sentence until the libraries are built (the
> shell will crash after a while because of a WINDOZE bug).
> Rebuild some programs to verify your new libraries are working.
> Apply the patch. Repeat the build procedure.

Actually, there's no need to unpack the entire source distro just to
patch a few functions.  It's enough to unzip only the few source files
that need to be patched, run the Patch utility to patch them, then
compile them and replace the old versions in the library by running
the `ar' utility.

I believe the FAQ explains how to do that in section 21.4.

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