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"Vic" <noway AT somewhere DOT com> wrote:

> > The real difference in standards compliance is between those compiler
> > writers that are working very hard towards the standard, and those
> > that show contempt for any open standards and no intention of becoming
> > compliant.  Guess which categories GCC and VC fall into...
> so I should assume GCC is as compliant as you can get to the latest C++
> draft?

The C++ standard is no longer in draft, it is now finalised.  The
usual advice is to not use features which only recently appeared in
the standard and there are very few problems if you take this

The problem may come if your tutor insists on using some specific
feature which is available in MSVC++ but not yet implemented in GCC,
whereas in the real world you would just find a workaround.

> > > will I have any problem compiling C++ code for a class that doesn't even
> > > touch classes (stops at pointers)
> >
> > Sorry, I don't understand the question.  Can you rephrase this?
> I mean, the C++ used in the class will be of the IO kind (like ios::setw()
> and all that IO manipulations stuff), nothing related to classes and
> inheritance and templates etc. I assume there won't be any problems there

The features most commonly reported to be missing from the GCC
implementation are namespaces and some of the io manipulators.

Classes and inheretance seem to work ok.  There is a minor problem
reported with linking templates (in DJGPP) and there is an easy
workaround for this.  

setw() works fine.  AIUI, the final C++ standard replaces ios with
basic_ios.  libstdc++ still uses ios.

I expect most of the problems are to be found in an incomplete (as
yet) C++ standard library.  Since the full source code is supplied you
might even find it a useful and rewarding exercise to implement a few
of the missing features.

For example, left/right/internal io manipulators are not yet
implemented.  I posted a fix for this a while back and you could
easily patch iomanip.h to implement these.

I don't use MSVC++.  From what I have read I get the impression that
currently its C++ library implementation is more complete.  However, I
doubt you will have any significant problems with DJGPP, unless of
course your tutor wants to teach some MS extensions... :-(

Why don't you install DJGPP and see how far you get?   

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