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Subject: GPF caused by string functions...
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I am trying to get some string functions to work as part of the
interface for my program. I am using ScreenPutString to write to the
screen and my code appears to work when I call my centrestring()
function once it works okay. A second call, however, causes a General
Protection fault no matter how I specify my parameters. The code that I
am using is:

/* Include standard DJGPP libraries */
#include <pc.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>

/*  putstring ( str, fg, bg, col, row )
    Calls the DJGPP function ScreenPutString from libc.a */
int putstring ( char *str, int fg, int bg, int col, int row ) {
    ScreenPutString(str, (bg<<4) | fg, col, row);

/*  centrestring ( str, fg, bg, row, col, width )
    Writes the specified string to the screen, centring it as it does */
int centrestring ( char *str, int fg, int bg, int col, int row, int
width ) {
    char buf[81], spacer[81];
    int i,j,k;
    i = strlen(str);
    j = (width - i) / 2;
    memset(buf,' ',--j);
    memset(spacer,' ',(width-i-j));
    buf[width] = 0;

/*  main
    Tests the code */
int main ( void ) {
    centrestring("Just one line is okay",WHITE,BLUE,0,0,80);
    centrestring("This should work.",WHITE,BLUE,0,1,80);

If anyone has any ideas as to why this doesn't work I would appreciate
any feedback.



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