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> >Then there was the plan to make these dual format Win32 console and DJGPP
> >extended apps
> I could use this.  Is there way to use a DJGPP program as the DOS stub
> of a Win32 program?  I want the DJGPP program to do the actual work
> and the Win32 program to contain code to "run this program's DOS stub"
> and an icon.  Is this possible?

All Win32 programs have a DOS stub which normally just prints an error
about Windows being required - but you can put anything there.

My original plan was to have a set of libc wrappers which knew about the
environment.  If you were in a Win32 environment (similar to MINGWIN) then
you called the Win32 libs (with a little fixup here and there for better
compatibility).  If you started in DOS mode, it ran the DOS stub which
then loaded the DXE for libc support and then jumped to the common 32-bit
code (with only the libc calls handled differently).

This was going to be a rather large project at the time, but the availability
of other Win32 compilers today would make it easier.  But I've completely 
lost the need for DOS compatibility, so I'm pretty exclusively Win32 today.

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