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> I am sorry I am not confused just not explaining myself


> I will use C++ to create the DOS application (You can Do this). The word
> files, .txt files with just a list words that my program will create.

So you are using the C++ language to create a DOS application.  Yes, you CAN do
this.  The question is, CAN your compiler do this?  You say you bought C++ 6.0.
The assumption is that you are referring to Micro$oft Visual C++ version 6.0,
in which case you CANNOT make DOS programs.  You CAN make Windows NT Console
Applications, which are Windows programs that run in what appears to be a DOS
window, but are NOT DOS applications.

If this is the case, then this is the WRONG group to be posting to, as this
group deals not with C++ in general, but with DJGPP's compilers, not Microsofts
implementation.  You need to take this question to an appropriate newsgroup.

> I will ask a series of questions and my program will make the .txt file.
> like: -

[ presumed output of hypothetical program snipped ]

> Do you understand?
> I hope you have understood . And I apoligise for being unclear.
> So, is it suitable???
> I would like to have fatures like a count down clock that shows time
> remaining but not at first. I seek your advice

Is it suitable for a newbie?  That entire depends on you.  You are the newbie,
you are the one who should be trying to write the program.  Posting a vague
question asking whether it's something you should try doing isn't really a good
question, as we don't know how intelligent (or its reverse) you are.

Andrew J

"This is a wonderful answer.  It's off-topic, it's incorrect, and it doesn't
answer the question." - Richard Heathfield in c.l.c,  00/07

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