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Subject: DJGPP cross compiler
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I've decided to try the cross compiler route with DJGPP.  I'm using the
Cygwin 1.1.2 development environment on a WinNT 4.0 SP5 system.

The instructions with the "Picker Results" page mentions compiling
"stubify" but does not indicate if this is for the host or target.  The
instruction comes after the "build binutils and gcc" paragraph, so I
would have assumed compile for target, but it is linked to host system
locations, implying compile for host.  And nothing about when or how to
use them, that I could find, to lend a clue.

The page also mentions linking files from djcrx203 to locations in
/usr/local... as appropriate, but there are a few more things in the
archive than there are link commands.  Specifically, there is also a
file in the src directory called 'stubedit.c' which is not mentioned. 
Should the executable also be linked to /usr/.../bin like stubify?


Bob McGowan
Staff Software Quality Engineer
VERITAS Software
rmcgowan AT veritas DOT com

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