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>I'm at a loss what could be causing this.  If several different unzup 
>programs complain about several different files which other people 
>successfully downloaded, it's most probable that something is wrong with 
>the SimTel mirror.  Did you try a different mirror?

I have tried Heidelberg and Paderborn...Same probs

i'have tried WinZip 8.0
unzip32 from simtelnet

both with them same error

i've tried 'djtar' and djtarx'

both decompresses most of the directory and same readme and the emacs.exe

then came "failed on"

Now in my Holidays i want to change to emacs for Programming and Texing, 
but in the moment i don't know want i can do..I thing i have a look at 

But the Probs with the zips are interesting for thew Future...I want to 
know what it ist...I'm working with Win95 and until today i have no Probs 
with djgpp etc. I don't think that is a 8.3 Prob!


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