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Steven Knight wrote:

> I am a complete novice and no next to nothing, I bought C++ 6.0

As someone has already pointed out, there is no such thing as C++ 6.0.

> and want to start off by creating a DOS program

If by C++ 6.0 you meant Visual C++ 6.0 then you're out of luck - it
doesn't do DOS programs (although it does do Win32 console programs,
which is probably OK for your purposes).

Alternatively, you can compile DOS programs with DJGPP:

> that runs in Windows and can create Word files by setting parameters
> like how many letters, any numbers, punctuation, special characters ETC

Last time I checked, Microsoft charged quite of lot of money for the
Word document file format specification and required you to sign a
non-disclosure agreement.

> Do you think this is a suitable project for a first time user ???

No.  Even if you could get information about Word format for free
the fact is that it's very complicated and not suitable for a first
project (and it keeps changing with each new version of Word).
RTF files are simpler, and you can import them into Word.

Anyway, if it it's Visual C++ you are using then this is the wrong
newsgroup.  Try instead.


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