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Subject: Re: Novice would like some advice (Please)
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I am sorry I am not confused just not explaining myself

I will use C++ to create the DOS application (You can Do this). The word
files, .txt files with just a list words that my program will create.
I will ask a series of questions and my program will make the .txt file.
like: -
What letters are in the word list?   abc
Are  they lower-case?  yes
Are they upper case?  Yes
Does it have numbers? No
Does it have Symbols? No
Does it have ASCII Letters ? No
Predefine letter? Yes
Which Letter? 1
What is it? a
The my program will write a .txt file that looks like this


Do you understand?

I hope you have understood . And I apoligise for being unclear.

So, is it suitable???
I would like to have fatures like a count down clock that shows time
remaining but not at first. I seek your advice

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Subject: RE: Novice would like some advice (Please)

> Steve,
> You're confusing a ton of issues here.  First off, I think you are
> to Visual C++ 6.0.  C++ doesn't have version numbers, and VC++ is not in
> this group.
> Secondly, what do you mean by "Word files".  Do you mean Microsoft Word
> Files, which again are outside of this group and probably not a good first
> time project.  Do you mean text files?
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> From: Steven Knight [mailto:privateryan35 AT free16 DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk]
> Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 4:38 PM
> To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
> Subject: Novice would like some advice (Please)
> Hello all,
> I am a complete novice and no next to nothing, I bought C++ 6.0 and want
> start off by creating a DOS program that runs in Windows and can create
> files by setting parameters like how many letters, any numbers,
> special characters ETC
> Do you think this is a suitable project for a first time user ???
> Thanx again

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