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On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Ki Tea Park wrote:

> I am having the "header file problem." It should seem familiar to someone
> since there are about a zillion postings about this very problem on the
> forum ayt

There are also about a gazillion possible reasons for this that are 
explained in the DJGPP FAQ list (v2/ from the usual DJGPP 
sites).  Did you try the advice there (section 8.3)?

> It seems to me that W2K supports long file names... so it should not have
> trouble finding the "streambuf" file. I checked and verified the streambuf.h
> file is present in the correct location.

Try "set LFN=y" in the environment.

What version of DJGPP is that?

> Has anyone run DJGPP on W2K before?

Yes.  It works.

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