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01:04:45 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
01:40:57 Re: RHIDE questions (Eli Zaretskii)
07:11:09 Extra fonts for use with groff (john watkins)
11:32:31 ANNOUNCE new version of LFN API serwices for Windows NT - lfn006 (Wojciech Galazka)
11:47:13 Re: Thanks Damian and "Let's Go Canes!" (Michel Chassey)
12:31:49 Re: RHIDE questions (jiva)
13:31:17 Re: cprinf REdirected (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
13:46:01 cprinf REdirected (Radical NetSurfer)
14:30:10 Re: Extra fonts for use with groff (Eli Zaretskii)
15:01:06 Re: RHIDE questions (jiva)
15:01:06 Re: how djgpp code bootable? (J-P)
15:15:52 Re: cprinf REdirected (Damian Yerrick)
15:27:02 OT: Free Pascal Compiler (John Meyer)
18:02:34 Interrupt List (Florian X)
18:56:55 input-output redirection problem (Mariano Alvarez Fernandez)
19:05:11 Re: input-output redirection problem (DJ Delorie)
19:30:52 Re: RHIDE questions (jiva)
20:46:56 Re: how djgpp code bootable? (smile773)
20:54:22 Problem with ifstream.eof() (Hanno Stehling)
21:02:40 Re: Problem with ifstream.eof() (DJ Delorie)
22:16:37 how djgpp code bootable? (Steven salt)

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