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00:18:47 Re: Voodoo optimization? (
01:16:10 Re: windows program? (Damian Yerrick)
04:09:20 Jackson Structured Diagram (drew)
05:09:08 Re: DJGPP environment variable not set (please help) (widomaker)
08:09:08 Re: Pipe to sendmail (again) (Damian Yerrick)
13:15:23 Question (H.Frik)
13:46:02 Re: PCI help? (jiva)
14:31:55 Not quite sure (Betelgeuse)
16:01:08 Re: PCI help? (Robin Johnson)
18:30:57 Globals and binary size (Michel Chassey)
22:55:57 I need help (Grupo MegaGratis)

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