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Subject: Re: DJGPP - failure to implement namespaces properly
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On Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:54:27 +0200, Gautier
<gautier DOT demontmollin AT maths DOT unine DOT ch> wrote:

>Paul Bibbings:
>> Don't get me wrong, as a novice C++ programmer I have no doubt that
>> DJGPP/Rhide is my favourite compiler/IDE combination, and that is why
>> I am all the more frustrated when it seems it doesn't implement the
>> language in ways the textbooks would expect it to.
>It's not exceptional and not specific of GCC - read
>- the reason of that is unclear to me... Is it so complicated to make
>a full ISO C++ compiler ?

Seeing that there is still no fully compliant compiler, anywhere...
Patches are welcome :-)

Damian Yerrick
"I refuse to listen to those who refuse to listen to reason."
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