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In article <396b310a DOT 33541001 AT news DOT freeserve DOT net>,
Paul Bibbings <paul DOT bibbings AT tesco DOT net> wrote:
>Don't get me wrong, as a novice C++ programmer I have no doubt that
>DJGPP/Rhide is my favourite compiler/IDE combination, and that is why
>I am all the more frustrated when it seems it doesn't implement the
>language in ways the textbooks would expect it to. 

Poor implementation of namespaces is (I think) a known bug with g++. You
might be best changing your compiler - I think you can do this with RHIDE,
can't you? - but I'm fairly certain Microsoft Visual C++ is also buggy,
just in different ways, not least in that it defaults to Microsoft
Proprietary Standard Classes and has all but the most limited support for
the actual "standard" classes.

(Disclaimer: this is partly hearsay.)


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