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You might find some fonts by looking through the examples and demo that came
with Allegro (use GRABBER.EXE to look in the .DAT files).

There is a program called TTF2PCX, which you might find at  This was written by the
author of Allegro and can be used to make fonts out of TrueType font files.

"Radical NetSurfer" <radsmail AT juno DOT com> wrote in message
news:556omsgjhm43aanf3f081b8ub2ffgp1u4o AT 4ax DOT com...
> I have Allegro 3.1.2. (the best allegro out thus far),
> where might I find FREE fonts containing the entire English Alphabet?
> [with upper/lower case letters, which might be in sizes from Large,
> Medium, Small (640x480 thru at least 1280x1024) ]
> Also, is there anything in the DJGPP GFX package which can be used
> with Allegro 3.1.2 to emport/display fonts?
> Outside of some of the GFX demo's and examples, I haven't really used
> it at all...
> THANKS for the help!
> email welcomed: radsmail AT juno DOT com

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