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Subject: Re: Quake srcs - memory problems
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 22:33:18
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> >#include <crt0.h>
> >int _crt0_startup_flags = _CRT0_FLAG_UNIX_SBRK;
> but for some strange reason I never touched the _CRT0_FLAG_UNIX_SBRK...
> I belief the error occured because the original quake.exe that was shipped
> with the game was compiled on a unix-machine with a cross-to-dos compiler
> that switched _CRT0_FLAG_UNIX_SBRK on as standard i belief.

No, the original quake.exe was built with pre-release version of DJGPP
(v2.0 beta 3) which had the unixy sbrk() algorithm on by default and did not
support the current default sbrk() algorithm.  To work around the problem of 
the address space moving (so they could still use near pointers) all the
memory was allocated up front.

Since beta 3 was actually more stable than beta 4 - and there were no bugs in
beta 3 which made any difference whatsoever to Quake, they chose never to
upgrade and just shipped the binary built with beta 3.  

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