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Subject: Re: OT: RHIDE and G77 (FORTRAN 77)
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Does it help if you call the source file hw.f, not hw.for?

Nope. I've already tried that.

> > RHIDE puts the "RHIDE_TYPED_LIBS.f=m f2c" line to the make file.
> What makefile?  How does the makefile enter this picture, if you
> compile the project in RHIDE?

The makefile produced by RHIDE. I tried to find what exactly RHIDE does with
that makefile.

> Also, djgpp.env has this line in the [rhide] section, which should
> help IIRC:

Unfortunately, this seems to be a line just for fun. RHIDE puts f2c instead
of g2c by default. :(

> > If I change that line to "RHIDE_TYPED_LIBS.f=m" and run make, I get the
> > following messages:
> Instead of removing f2c, change it to g2c (g77 doesn't have libf2c.a,
> it has libg2c.a).  But I really think that the above line in djgpp.env
> should have already done that for you.

In order to fix that, I copied share/rhide/rhide_.env to
share/rhide/rhide.env (in fact, I renamed it so that RHIDE could read it)
and added the following line to the end of that new file:

Alexei A. Frounze

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