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It's not a bug. It means your OS is not configured properly. OS must have
some more memory reserved for environment variables such as COMSPEC, PATH,

Find in your C:\CONFIG.SYS file a line that looks something like this:
or add it to the end of the file if you don't have it there.

Then try to increase the parameter going after "/E:" (max valid value is
about 32000). Don't forget to reboot the computer after changing the
CONFIG.SYS file. After rebooting try GCC once more.

Hope this helps.
Alexei A. Frounze

George Ford wrote:
> I recently purchased the GNU Software for MS-WINDOWS and MS-DOSafter
> copying it to my hard drive I got the error message "out of environment
> space. I have a Gateway 450 with Windows 98 2nd edition that does not
> have extended memory configured. I checked with Gateway and they say
> Microsoft is trying to get away from dos.Can recommend something to
> correct this. I believe this an almost BUG.

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