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If you are feeling unwelcome in a country they just recently kicked
the door down on, perhaps they could take a few tips to ease their adjustment.

And a few social tips:

1.  Understand you are in a foreign country, probably illegally.  The
language barrier is of your own making and is not a responsiblity of the
host country.

2.  Stop complaining.  No one owes you anything, and the freeloader and
whiner rolls are already full.  Remember that you would not remain here
unless the situation was much better than at home.

3.  Expect that most people you meet will honor your culture, traditions and
laws only to the extent that you honor theirs.  Understand too that illegal
immigrants come from the back of the line in their own country and their
presence causes a burden on the social and economic resources of the
communities they settle in.  Since many of you are poor and unskilled, you
wind up on the welfare rolls.  Those who do pay naturally resent your hands
in their pockets.  Many workers, especially in the construction industry,
have been displaced since your arrival.

4.  No nation is morally or legally obligated to accept another nation's
underclass.  Therefore, since legal immigration is a privilege, it is best
to be grateful.  And since illegal immigration is a crime, it is wise to
stop demanding all the time.

Which leads last to point #5;

5.  Obey the immigration laws of the country one currently finds oneself.

Of course, compliance with #5 would eliminate the problem altogether since
most of those who are complaining of feeling unwelcome would have to leave.

Only in America!

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