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"Alexei A. Frounze" wrote:
> Plz say me what exactly I need for making programs for Win32 (not for DOS/DPMI)
> and I could access DirectX stuff. AFAIK I need RSXNTDJ (is the spelling
> correct?) and win port of Allegro. Right?
> Is it enough to download ZIP file with RSXNTDJ v1.5.1 (about 4MB) and that Win
> port of Allegro? Where I can download Win Allegro and which files I need?
> Do you have links to sites related to Win Allegro and RSXNTDJ?

I believe section 3.6 of the DJGPP FAQ list should answer quite a few of
these questions.  It also includes information about other free compilers
that produce Win32 executables.

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