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Subject: Re: embedded 16 bit, real mode, x86 target for gcc?
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Brian Dean wrote:
> Karl Rasmussen wrote:
> > [need to generate 16 bit code from C]
>         asm(".code16");


	Thanks for the reply. I had passed over this as only for inline asm.
When I tried this with a C file it did not work, I got assembler errors
complaining that 
	movb %al,-5(%ebp)

etc., were not valid 16 bit base/index expressions (accessing a local).
Did I miss something else? 
This line was generated to store a byte into a local unsigned char, so I
don't think its a case of needing to rewrite my example (ie. I'm not
using long's).


Karl Rasmussen
karl AT vvm DOT com

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