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Subject: Re: gdb problem or just silly me - please help
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On Wed, 3 May 2000 11:57:37    Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>On Wed, 3 May 2000, nimrod a. abing wrote:
>> >I don't have the source anymore, so I cannot comment on your
>> >questions.  As far as I remember, the code dereferenced a NULL
>> >pointer.
>> >
>> Here it is again:
>Thanks, I will look at this more closely.

I think it's because the compiler seems to confuse
between `char **string_array' and 
`char *string_array[]'. The former is a pointer to 
pointer to char types. The latter is an array of char
pointers. If the compiler compiles this without issuing
some sort of warning, then one would assume the code is
correct when in fact they refer to two distinct types.

I'll try to generate .asm output from gcc and compare
their code. I'll send them to you as well.

I'm as confused as the compiler. There should be a
cmdline option that will detect this and warn the 
programmer. Sometimes, bugs as simple as this can cause
a lot of hair loss.

>> I never pay much attention to these things. But if I
>> know those MS guys, the VFAT entries for LFN must be
>> stored somewhere on the disk. Methinks a TSR can do
>> this.
>Sure, there's even a TSR that already does that (the FAQ mentions it in 
>section 3.3).  I thought you were asking about the Windows code which 
>supports LFN.  That part isn't possible in DOS mode.
>Btw, currently, none of the several available TSRs that support LFN in 
>DOS are good enough to run all DJGPP ports of GNU tools.  Seems like some 
>subtle aspects of the LFN support are not yet up to their specs.

Hmmm. Seems to me that MS assumes all Windows users are
`power users' and doesn't care to release specs like 
this (not for some $$$ I guess) I think it's downright
dangerous to do the TSR/LFN thing, since the LFN specs
are still, I don't know how to put it, vague. You could
end up losing FAT (not that it's not a good thing for 
some people ;-)) entries or trashing your disk. Why
reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Win9x/DJGPP works fine
for me, not that I really like it.


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