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Subject: Re: structures size
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Subject: Re: structures size

> On Wed, 3 May 2000, Alexandre Devaure wrote:
> > I'd like the size of my structures is the same that in Borland C because
> > program need to read a structure in flash written by a program developed
> > under Borland C. So, I want to use the -fpack-struct option at
> > time. But it has no effect on the structure size and I need to add the
> > packed attribute on each structure.
> C programs or C++ programs?
> Can you post a short test program and its compilation command line, which
> can be used to reproduce this problem?

This is a C program :

#include <stdio.h>

struct l {
        uchar c;
        uint o;
        uint s;
struct st {
        struct l l;
        ulong d;
        uchar i;
        uchar t;
        ulong n;

        printf("%d\n",sizeof(struct st));

the command line is gcc -fpack-struct file.c

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