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Subject: strange problem / RHIDE1.4 / make
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Perhaps someone can help me, I get this strange error when trying to "make"

Error: d:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: cannot open -lstdcx: No such file or directory

If I turn on -v, I get the cause of the error:

Creating: main.exe
Reading specs from d:/djgpp/lib/specs
gcc version 2.95 19990728 (release)

  d:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe -o main.exe
d:/djgpp/lib/crt0.o -Ld:/djgpp/lib -Ld:/djgpp/lib/gcc-lib/djgpp/2.95 -Ld:/dj
gpp/bin -Ld:/djgpp/lib main.o -lstdcx -Tdjgpp.djl -lgcc -lc -lgcc

Error: d:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: cannot open -lstdcx: No such file or directory
There were some errors

Now, I don't know a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff, which is why I use
RHIDE ... something about the command line arguments looks wrong. I am
wondering what's wrong with it and how can I fix it?

Paul Vanukoff
vanukoff AT primenet DOT com

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