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I'm writting a server program for a network game and I need to write my own
custom text input function. The program runs in text mode so I don't need
any graphical stuff. It currently handles IPX packets and sends them to
other computers on the network. When it's not doing that, I want it to be
checking for keypresses, and if it gets one, add the letter to a string, and
display the text on the screen.

It also needs to understand delete, pgup, pgdn, enter and esc seperately.
How should I go about doing this? There are so many functions like getch,
kbhit, getche, putchar, getchar etc. I've tried hundreds of combinations and
I can't get it to work. When enter is pressed, it also needs to add the \0
and p. Alternatively I could just use gets and use allegro timers to do the
ipx stuff but I'm not sure if that would work. I would need to lock all the
memory and stuff for every variable I use in them and that would be
practicaly imposssible. :-o. Please help!!!

(If you read this far then I congratulate you)


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