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Paul Edwards wrote:

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>I am trying to compile a very simple Hello World program, which uses 
>I have followed the FAQ and I have hopefully set up the environment and 
>paths correctly. These settings are configured in a batch file which I have 
>However, when I come to compile the program, by typing:
>gcc -o cprog.exe cprog.c
>it repies by saying
>cprog.c:1: iostream.h : No such file or directory (ENOENT).

But iostream.h isn't meant for C programs, it's meant for C++ programs.
So you should change the filename to one ending in .cc or .cpp instead
of .c and use gxx instead of gcc.

It looks as if you may not have all the C++ files installed anyway,
in which case you should go to and
use to zip-picker to tell you what files you need.

Alternatively, you could just use C.


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