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I'm new to DJGPP and have a problem with two functions with the same name,
but with different parameters.

This is my own one:
int distance(const Cak_vector& a, const Cak_vector& b);

And this was is from stl_iterator.h:
template <class _InputIterator>
inline typename iterator_traits<_InputIterator>::difference_type
distance(_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last) {
  typedef typename iterator_traits<_InputIterator>::iterator_category
  return __distance(__first, __last, _Category());

Now the problem is that the compiler complains about value_type not present
in Cak_vector, because value_type is probably used in some way by the STL
Is this a compiler bug or is it designed this way?
The code compiled correctly with MS VC6.
Is there a way around this other then renaming the function?


Olaf van der Spek
Almere, Holland

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