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I have a GUS Pnp ( AMD Interwave based ).

I compile the Samples that comes with the MIDAS Distribution with Watcom C++
11.0 and
with DJGPP. Both compiled the Samples without errors. When i start the
they won´t play anything. I have set my IRQ and such stuff right, i have
made the settings in MIDAS right.
Okay you could say that MIDAS 1.1.2 couldn´t use my Soundcard. Okay. But
when i try the 604 Demo
from that uses  MIDAS 1.1.2 for Sound, it functions. I hear
sound and everything else is allright !!

The Demo was compiled with the Freepascal Compiler. Is the MIDAS apation for
this Compiler changed ??!?!?

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