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Subject: Re: CWSDPMI r5
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> > It doesn't do much for anyone unless
> > they have and need to use big chunks of memory (more than 128Mb physical or
> > more than 255Mb total virtual).  And it still has some physical memory 
> > performance issues around 512Mb physical - so it solves a very narrow range
> > of people's problems.
> I'd say that machines with more than 128MB of physical memory are 
> becoming widespread enough to make this range of problems
> not-too-narrow.

But how many of those people boot their machine with more than 128Mb of
memory into DOS, and then need to use more than 128Mb of memory in DJGPP
programs?  So far I've found most of those people end up using Linux or
Windows NT - so they can do something else with the box while they are

There are about 5 people who have asked for and gotten it.

> So I think it would be great if r5 could be released some time soon ;-).

Understood - but the last bug I found would hard hang the machine if you
booted with EMM386 and then exhausted all the VCPI memory.  Noone who was
testing found or reported that bug - which tells me it wasn't tested in
many configurations (expected, since most people needing > 128Mb can't use
VCPI).  It needs a bunch of testing before it's unleashed on unsuspecting

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