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john watkins wrote:

>  I am attempting to set up DISLIN with GCC/G77 (which runs
> satisfactorily)
> but the command         dlink -a exa_f77 fails with the complaint that
> -luser32 cannot be found by ld.exe in my DJGPP.
> There are libs such as         -lgdi32
>         -lcomdlg32 which also seem to be missing.
> Could you tell me the appropriate zip file where these can be found
> and its
> address.
> Also I should be most grateful in your reply if you could send the
> message
> without attachments as my elderly WORD ver 2 cannot handle them.
> With many thanks
> John Watkins.

It seems that you have installed a Windows 9x/NT distribution  of
DISLIN for GCC/G77 instead of a MS-DOS distribution for DJGPP.

The DISLIN distributions for GCC/G77 and DJGPP are available from the
DISLIN Homepage


in the files '' (g77) and '' (gcc),

or via FTP  from



  Helmut Michels
  Max-Planck-Institut fuer Aeronomie  Phone: +49 5556 979-334
  Max-Planck-Str. 2                   Fax  : +49 5556 979-240
  D-37191 Katlenburg-Lindau           Mail : michels AT linmpi DOT mpg DOT de

file ''

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