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Damian Yerrick wrote:
> Boot into DOS or Linux: Recognized as a Sound Blaster Pro compatible
> card.

OH, there's your problem. The SBPro has problems with certain types of
output. MIDIs that have been converted to MUS and back to MIDI format
for one thing. If you can coerce it into SB16 emulation instead, the
problem may go away.
> >> This has been CCed to Microsoft's suggestion box:
> >>   mailto:mswish AT microsoft DOT com
> >
> >Good!! I'd have done it myself if I'd known where to send it offhand!
> Now we know where to mail our _intelligently_written_ rants.

<g> Who do we inflict the less intelligently written ones on? Oh, never
mind, I know -- billg AT microsoft DOT com  :)


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