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Kalum Somaratna aka Grendel wrote:
> Well it was Dieter....:-) Did you read his post.....His C code got >70
> FPS...
> Grendel
> Hi, I'm a signature virus. plz set me as your signature and help me spread
> :)

I forgot about one important thing. W/o FIDIVRL executed in parallel to the
span() function he wouldn't get such a result. This trick is unchanged by him.

With FIDIVRL trick FPS is 45...70, w/o 36...52. 
Check this yourself or ask Dieter. :)

The rest C is almost the same as my inline ASM.

Well, I still thik I won the bet (because of the FIDIVRL trick which is located
in my inline ASM :), although we have proved that GCC _is_ efficient.

Alexei A. Frounze

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