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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 05:54:45 +0600 (LKT)
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Subject: Re: inefficiency of GCC output code & -O problem
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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Alexei A. Frounze wrote:

> 1. You simply proved that GCC has an optimizer efficient enough. Okay, I agree.
> Your code that works 2 FPS fater for you works the same for me as before. I
> think it doesn't mean faster than mine (just 2.9%).

Yes but this proved that the C compiler is almost as *good* if not
*better* than "hand sloptimised" code and all the pain that goes into
creating it. 

Which is what a number of people have been trying to tell you over the
past few threads, but you wouldn't belive it and here you got the proof.

> So, we have a good optimizer and you proved this. Great. I'm glad.
> This means I can throw away a lot of inline ASM now.

Yes, so you can code most of your routines in C and then run the profiler
and find out the problem areas and *then* decide what to write and whether
writing in assembly is worth the pain...

> Seems that this is a story that can teach everyone (me=best example). :))

Yes...To listen a bit more to other people's opinions hopefully .. Most
people who share there opinions on this forum are quite knowledgable and
speak with a lot of programming experience. It would be unwise to ignore
that advice nomatter how different it might be to your beliefs.


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