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Al Amzeen (Alexandr Amzin) <amzeen AT mtu-net DOT ru> schreef in artikel
<8dfmoo$1ga6$1 AT gavrilo DOT mtu DOT ru>...
> I got a problem. Not very big, but annoyin'.
> I cannot compile Allegro ex12.c as C++ source (it contains simple code
> changing font from grabber datafile).

Well, C is not C++.  There are different accepted ways to best program
C or C++.  So it is completely normal what you have seen.  You will
see this with lots of C code, not just Allegro.

Basically, since C++ is subtly not the same as C, even thoug if it often
said that C++ is backwards compatible with C, it isn't all the time.
I think you might call is a C++ bug. ;-)


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