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Hi guys!

What I'm talking is the source I sent to Dieter day or two before...

1. I've just improved ceil() in the Scan_Edge() and Scan_Edge2() routines - I
simply *removed* some *redundant* instrucions of my inline ASM.

2. I've removed all the inlined ASM from the T_Map() function. There are only C
equivalents now.

3. I haven't replaced external ASM subroutine span().

4. I've compiled entire the 3d engine with only -O2 switch (and --strip-all :).

5. Results:
     Minimum FPS:35, Maximum FPS:45
   What there was before:
     Minimum FPS:45, Maximum FPS:70

If I replace span() with C code in addition to previous changes, I have:
     Minimum FPS:37, Maximum FPS:50

If I replace span() with C code in my original program, I have:
     Minimum FPS:39, Maximum FPS:52
   What there was before:
     Minimum FPS:45, Maximum FPS:70

IMHO the bet is already won. Guess the winner. :)

Alexei A. Frounze

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