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I have the same version (i think) and the manipulators
works perfectly for me (except left).. Maybe you're using
them in a wrong way. I'll dump some code here of
something that should work...

std::cout << setw(50) << "Hello world\n";

/ Niklas

"Figmo" <rexdesexe AT my-deja DOT com> wrote in message
news:8d7bg8$f57$1 AT nnrp1 DOT deja DOT com...
> I am using delorie g++ version 2.95.2 release 19991024. I try to involke
> io stream manipulators fixed, showpoint, and setw but all I get are
> error messages to the effect that these are undeclared variables. This
> release comes with the header files iostream and iomanip and I use them
> both in my "#include" statements. I have compiled both the new, ANSI way
> with "namespace std" and the old, "header.h" method. They both work, as
> long as I don't involke manipulators. The FAQs/docs I have say nothing.
> Are the new ANSI manipulators implemented in this release and I need to
> tweek my install and/or code or do I need a new release?
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