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Subject: Re: inefficiency of GCC output code & -O problem
Date: 17 Apr 2000 15:06:03 GMT
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Alexei A. Frounze wrote:
>> Also Watcom C/C++ has one very feature. It can generate code for
>> register and stack based calling conventions. I.e. parameters may be
>> passed either via stack or via registers. It also helps greatly.
>GCC has such a feature as well.  Read the on-line GCC manual about the 
>"-mregparm" switch, for details.

Certainly, gcc has such a feature. But it is (almost) unusable.
When you call the library, the program will stop working. Recompiling
the library won't help, because of the asm code.

Other compilers circumvent the library problem by __cdecl or
equivalent keywords in the header files. (This will not avoid
all problems, though. It is almost, but not totally transparent
to the code, because of function pointers.) 

Regards, Dieter

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