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On 17 Apr 2000, at 12:59, Steamer wrote:

> Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> >No, the FAQ doesn't refer to GCC 2.96, it refers to 2.95.2, which is 
> >correct ;-).
> I haven't checked the on-line version of your excellent FAQ, but the copy I
> have on my hard drive refers to GCC 2.96 twice (in sections 14.2 and 22.11).

It's really there (references to gcc-2.96)

In FAQ (14.2):   
(For PGCC and GCC version 2.95 and later, use -O6 instead of -O2.)

For all versions of gcc (including gcc-2.95.2) optimization levels higher 
than -O3 is taken as -O3, only for PGCC -O4, -O5,... have some 


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