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On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, KIRBY Mike wrote:

> Ref DJGPP281  compilation
> 	however gpp does not appear to be recognised 
> 	however using gxx appears to compile a simple C++ file correctly
> (filename.cpp)
> Have I misunderstood
> 	gcc is for compiling c programs
> 	and
> 	gpp is for compiling c++ programs
> I cannot see any gpp.exe file in the installation?

gpp was not present in the port of GCC 2.8.1, its name was gxx back 
then.  This changed in later versions of GCC (2.95 and later).

So you can use gxx instead.

> Is gxx purely for linking ??

Yes, the difference between gxx and gcc is only when linking is 
considered.  Otherwise, they are identical.

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