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Greetings, Alexei A. Frounze <alex DOT fru AT mtu-net DOT ru>! You wrote:
> > Why pay for publicity ???
> Just for killing monopoly and making a _real_ competition to MS.
> How long do you think most of people will be using MS products at home and
> offices?
> IMHO this should be changed as soon as possible.
It'll be changed and fixed. But there are still some bugs in:
- unix concepts for newbies
- Linux as bad gaming platform (don't hurt me, I know that it is good at
OpenGl and such a things, but there are still no really bazaar choice
- Linux as unfriendly system (Corel distribution seems to smash that bug to
- uncompatibility with legacy apps and systems (it will be fixed with good
_non_-_emulators_ ;) for sure)

All that problems are non-profits to Linux and such systems as BeOS for
becoming home desktop systems.

And when we'll crush uncompatibility (I believe that this process will go in
to ways -- cross-platforming for system utils and web-based apps for
everything else (ultra-top-level languages)) then we'll get a system that
will be stable as Linux and friendly as MacOS or Windows.

But we cannot change fremen opinion 'bout 'OS of choice' except dominance
over monopolists.

I think that Linux will be leading platform to ~2002 year. :)

Anyone wanting to run countdown on webpage? ;-)

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