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1st of all thanks ones more.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker wrote:
> Borland Pascal and C are notorious for their buggy optimizers even
> without adding inline assembly to the picture. Due to the fact that
> they do not support any of the 'extended' part of GCC inline assembly,
> they have to effectively switch off all optimization across any block
> of inline assembly, or chaos breaks loose. Sometimes, I heard, it does
> in spite of all those measures.

Sure BP and older versions of BC++ has no good optimizers (BP mostly).

> Watcom seems to have inline assembly of comparable power as found in
> GCC. There, you also get the opportunity to tell the compiler about
> what that code did, to registers and memory content. At least that's
> what it looked like in short samples I've seen, in this and other
> newsgroups. I'm not sure if it also supports loading C variable
> contents into registers, automatically, though.

Watcom supports 2 general froms of assembly code in .C files. 1st form - inlined
asm and 2nd form - powerful ASM macroses. These macroses are also optimized on
the compilation stage.
Also Watcom C/C++ has one very feature. It can generate code for register and
stack based calling conventions. I.e. parameters may be passed either via stack
or via registers. It also helps greatly.

Alexei A. Frounze

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