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Subject: Ref DJGPP281 compilation
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Ref DJGPP281  compilation

I've tried installing Djgpp281 (which was obtained via BURKS3 the Brighton
university software CD-ROM)  using Winzip and the standard PKunzip programs
to operate gcc and gpp from my WinNT system, both give the same result, I've
modified the "system environment" files as directed in

	running gcc appears to operate correctly compiling a c program for
both unix and the DOS NT window.

	however gpp does not appear to be recognised 

	however using gxx appears to compile a simple C++ file correctly

Have I misunderstood

	gcc is for compiling c programs

	gpp is for compiling c++ programs

I cannot see any gpp.exe file in the installation?

Is gxx purely for linking ??

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