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At 00:57 17.04.2000 +0400, you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
>Damian Yerrick wrote:
>> Are you sure we have no alternate software?
>> Have you asked in c.o.l.a?
>We don't have _well-known_ alternate software. IMHO there is not enough
>advertisments of such products. Most of people have MSWindows on home/office
>compiters and use their products as well. Market share is not balanced
here. And
>if we wanna change situation with Microsoft, we must solve problem with
>advertisment, teach people how to work with other similar products instead of
>MS' ones and develop lacking/missing products as alternate replacement. This
>needs a lot of money. None pay for it.

Why pay for publicity ???

All users of FREE-Software and OSS can do it !!!
I do it too, in my neighborhood and at work...

Now many people more using Linux since I had begun with it last year.

I do not like to DOWNGRADE from my stable running WfW 3.11 to a crappy 
and heavy expensive 32-Version of it. I am working with Winword 6.0, 
Access 2.0, Excel 5.0, Adobe Photoschop 4.0, Acrobat and Netscape 
Communicator 4.08 and Eudora lite/Pro...

If I need more Power, I use my Linux-Workstation with the same equipment.

OK, I am not a Linux-GURU but newbie and I must learn very much...
But I think, this year I get a MS-Windows free home at me.

All of my neighbor, colleague at work and my family se me working with 
Linux and it works... Now tey are interested in.

It is publicity for free !!!
Just do it !!!


Don't cc: me on mailinglists, I'm subscribed, if I write there.
Linux rebootet man in drei Fällen: 
Neuer Kernel, neue (Board-)Hardware, Stromausfall....

Aber Windows rebootet man auch in drei Fällen: 
Schutzverletzung, Bluescreen, keinen Bock...

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